Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Body Shop

While Himself has been playing about with the pipework on the Garratt I've been getting on with gluing together the three new Super Barns which have been ordered by a regular client.

As you can see I've started the process of cutting out and fitting the styrene floor / chassis units for them. The one at the back of the shot already has one in place.

In this view you can clearly see the lumps of styrene which I fix inside the body shell which set the height of the floor and stop it disappearing too far up inside the carriage.

One the basic floors and false ceilings are cut out then the next job will be to make up the corridor connections.

This is a bit of a bind because haven't yet thought of a way I could cast them so each of them has to be made from scratch from a number of pieces of styrene strip.

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