Monday, 3 March 2014

Tear Down These Walls

Well, I suppose it serves me right for getting cocky about finding faults with the Artistic Director's plans for the latest Oberon Wood houses.

At the weekend I discovered I had made a mistake by not studying the plans carefully enough and making the house a couple of mm too narrow with the result that I had to rip it apart and graft on some extra pieces in a couple of places to correct the error.

I expect Francis will have a good chuckle about that when he reads this.

You may be able to notice the additional strips on the far left hand side of the house in this picture and also either side of the window at the top right hand side.

Fortunately, because I've been gluing this together with Limonene rather than Mek Pak - on account of having run out of Mek - it was much easier to pull the joints apart without doing any major damage as Limonene is a much more gentle solvent which melts the plastic a lot less.

Correcting this cock-up took the best part of a day's work - although I should point out that for me a day in this context means a few minutes snatched here and there between family duties. I don't get many long, uninterrupted sessions at the workbench these days.

Despite the setback I've still been able to make a very satisfactory amount of progress.

As you can see the upper left dormer section is now in place and the garage front and porch have been completed.

I've also been able to put the brick pattern styrene in place to represent the couple of rows which can be seen below the render. A lot of what you see here will end up being buried in the scenery which means we are, in a very real sense, modelling the foundations of the house too.

On with the roof next, I think.

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