Friday, 13 March 2015

Door To Door

While I'm not a rivet counter or a fetishist for extreme detailing I do sometimes take a certain satisfaction in knowing that I've got things on the model even when very few people are going to notice them.

The doors on our latest house are a case in point.

The front door is tucked away in a gully between the two wings of the building and hidden beneath a solid porch.

Its only really visible when you view it straight on like this, but that's only possible on the workbench.

Once it's in place on the layout people will be viewing it from a much higher angle.

Even so, I'm glad I made the effort to represent the style of door properly.

In the same way I've gone to the trouble of making a proper version of the slatted door which hides the bid cupboard outside the house.

The next step, I think, will be to add the foundations.

Yes, it is all a bit back-to-front.....

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