Thursday, 5 March 2015

Crossings Continued

Himself has declared that he is bored of painting rolling stock having turned out at least 2 locomotives and more carriages than I can keep count of so far this winter, and has turned his attention back to the layout and continued with fitting the sheep grids on the level crossings.

These, you may recall, are made up using some triangular sections which I cast in resin because we were unable to source any styrene strip of the correct profile.

The picture above is where he has added to new bits to the right hand (Rhyd Ddu) end of Cemetery Crossing and below is the first of the occupation crossings on the curve leading out of the station.

Himself has calculated how many of these triangular strips will be required to complete all 6 level crossings on Bron Hebog.

Each crossing requires 46 strips - 23 on each side.

He tells me he's going to need another 161, and with each casting including four strips I'm going to have to make another 41 of them!

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