Sunday, 29 March 2015


I've written before about how we planned to build up the scenery in layers and these latest pictures show how Himself has been adding foliage on top of the basic long grass layer.

It also features our latest Garratt 138 showing off its new Narrow Planet number plates and works plates which are newly fitted.

The small one on the front water tank is particularly pleasing.

As well as adding bushes and other vegetation Himself has been working away at fitting the remaining level crossings with their anti-sheep grids.

These are made up from sets of triangular sections which I cast in resin for him.

He has calculated that around 70 more are required to finish all the crossings which he would like to get done in time for the next exhibition in a couple of weeks time.

So if you'll excuse me I'll stop writing now and get casting.

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