Thursday, 19 March 2015

Angle Of Attack

As we progress down the cul de sac the houses of Oberon Wood get ever more complicated. and the next one I'm tackling, number 22, is the worst yet from a modeller's point of view.

Even with the benefit of the Artistic Director's patiently drawn plans it has caused me to indulge in an extensive session of head-scratching.

It took me the whole of one evening this week to cut out the first of the blank end pieces.

The difficulty I had was in transposing the measurements from the design to the styrene sheet.

Somehow the angles didn't turn out right when I drew them onto the plastic. The pitch of the roof was not equal and the step in the lower of the two pieces shown here wasn't right either.

I double checked - it all matched up on the plan, - so why couldn't I copy it correctly?

In the end I resorted to tracing over the drawing and cutting out a paper template to use on the styrene, because I don't want to destroy the drawings.

This time I got the result I wanted, but I fear its only the start of my struggle with this building.

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