Friday, 19 June 2015

Eleventh Hour

Number 11 is, and I suspect will always be, my favourite FR carriage. It has an air of nobility about it and always looks so cosy.

First time passengers would probably say 'cramped' rather than 'cosy', I suspect, and there's an irrefutable logic in the FR's move towards palaces on wheels like the new observation car 150.

But, as I say, I have a soft spot for dear old 11, which has been in semi-retirement now for the best part of a quarter of a century, so I was very pleased to resume work on my latest model of it the other day.

I retrieved the pieces from the photo album where they'd been kept for the last couple of months and glued up the basic body rectangle and cut out the floor and false ceiling.

The album had protected them well but there was only so much it could do to resist the solvent which had inevitably put a slight curl into the bodysides.

This had been slightly complicated at the guards compartment ends where the resin duckets had been superglued into place and the chemicals all got a little confused.

Fortunately most of the curl goes 'in the way' and when the floor and roof are in position they force the bodysides to straighten out.

The next task is to add the roof skin and then probably begin work on the interior which was revised at the last rebuild to make the observation end even more spacious!

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