Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Starting On The Roof

Another one of those great leaps forward on the house build today - getting the first bit of the roof on.

This wasn't something I was looking forward to very much because number 21 has one of the most complicated bits of roof I've had to build on the estate so far.

I've decided to tackle it head one, though, and begun with the piece that forms the garage roof.

The tricky bit is that it has to include the small, thin, tongue which fills the little gully between the two halves of the house and an area which extends to the right hand side.

It took some careful and methodical measuring, and a lot of fine trimming, to get it to fit but the vital thing was to ensure that it was not cut short anywhere with resultant gaps - not just because of waste of time but also because I've only got just enough Wills slate sheets into stock to complete the roof on this house!

I'm quite satisfied with how it's turned out.

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