Friday, 5 June 2015

Two Steps Back

I've had one of those moments when you realise there's something very wrong with a model and there's no alternative but to rip it apart, fix it, and put it back together.

The bit in question was the southern gable wall of the new house and it was the windows I was unhappy with.

When I looked at one our research pictures up close it seemed to me that they were simply far too small.

Fortunately it was relatively easy to slice down the joints and detach the gable wall to fix it.

The first stage was to remove the existing window details and widen the holes.

In the case of the small windows in the garage they needed to be square shaped rather than rectangular and one of them had to be filled in and a new opening made.

Then the frame detail was renewed..

And it was fixed back into position.

I also took the opportunity to greatly increase the depth of the window on the side of the extension - I had underestimated its size as well when I made it.

The whole process took about two days but it's worth it because otherwise it would have become one of those niggles that gnaws away at you.

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