Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Return To Rolling Stock

I've had enough of houses for the moment, I need a break from buildings.

So with an evening to myself I thought I'd make a start on the interior for our new number 16, which has been built up from a Worsley Works brass body kit.

I got on so well that, as you can see, it was finished after just two and a half hours work which goes to show two things:

a) How fiddly and time consuming scratch building these houses has been.


b) How much modelling you can get done on the rare occasions when the rest of the family are either out or asleep in bed!

I have been given designs for two more of the Oberon Wood houses but I think next I will return to finish off carriages 11 & 12.

The sides and ends have been built and have spent the last couple of months being squashed in a photo album to keep them flat.

It would be nice if I could finish off the construction and persuade Himself to expedite their passage through the paint shop in time September when we take both layouts to the WHR Super Power even.

That way we'll have a set of 11 & 12 to run on each of the layouts.

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