Saturday, 13 June 2015

Nearly Done

That's the roof ready on number 21 now.

The only major structural piece which is still missing is the chimney which is positioned on the North wall of the house, just above the left hand side of the gallery window as you look from the back.

Once again this view from the front shows how this house had to be made with a large chunk taken out of the front right hand corner so it would overlap with number 22, which is one of the reasons that it has been the trickiest one to build so far.

Before I get on with adding the guttering I need to add on the 'foundations' so that it sits at the correct height relative to the other two houses.

This is not entirely straightforward because before that I've got to cut down number 22 by around 10mm to reset it against number 23 which was butchered by Himself to fit in with his existing woodwork.

It's getting all rather complicated.

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