Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Aperture Setting

Perhaps spurred on by the knowledge that it would the last time for a while the process of hacking the window holes out of the blank sides for the new house wasn't too tiresome.

With them all mixed up like this it may be hard for you to mentally assemble them into a building but these are all the basic components for number 17.

There has been the need for a little improvisation during the process with a few of the holes being expanded or even moved.

How do you move a hole in a big sheet of styrene?

Well, quite simply, in fact, because of the forgiving nature of the material.

The long gallery window was one of those I miscalculated (or cocked up) at the first attempt.

When I offered it up to one of the end pieces with the sloping roof line it became clear that the sill was set much too low, and indeed would be below the slates.

The solution was to slice a long thin chunk away from the the top and bond it on at the bottom.

As long as it's a reasonable fit, if you treat it to a generous dousing of solvent it will melt into place nicely and with some scraping with the scalpel blade or attention from the file you'll hardly see the join.

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  1. That's developing very nicely. Looks like a tricky building to do, but your pieces of the puzzle look very neatly done. Thanks for the tip on "moving apertures" in the last post. I bet I'm going to need that in an upcoming building project!