Monday, 1 February 2016

Shape Puzzle

I started work on house number 17 the other night.

It's not the 17th house I've built - although it feels like it sometimes - that's just its street number.

I didn't actually get that far. After around an hour and a half all I had managed to achieve was to get the basic wall blanks cut out.

The reason is it that I spent quite a lot of time trying to puzzle out how the house all fits together.

It's an usual shape and complicated but the fact that not only is it on two levels and the ground around it slopes, it is also attached to the house to its right but sits a little lower.

This is one of the sketches from the Artistic Director that I'm working from.

Because of these complicating factors I decided the best thing to do was cut out all the walls at this stage so I can be sure that they will all fit together properly rather than cutting out pieces one at a time and finishing them off with window and door details before moving onto the next one.

That's the theory anyway...

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