Saturday, 27 February 2016

Beginning At the End

Usually the bogies end up being the last thing to get made on a carriage project but this time they're the first thing I've done on the Disco Carriage.

This, you may recall, is something I'm doing for one of our exhibition operators who was involved in operating these musical specials.

The 'disco' was set up in the original carriage 121 (since scrapped, alas) which had its tables and chairs stripped out before being transformed into a narrow gauge nightclub.

You can read about how it was done here on his blog.

I've started with the bogies rather than the body because I haven't yet had the chance to scale down my drawing for the carriage which is in 7mm.

But I had the bits in stock for the bogies - which are my own design of brass frame and resin overlay - and it seemed a good idea to put them together so that I could at least say that I had started the project.

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