Monday, 29 February 2016

Pick Up Sticks

It's been quite a while since I last made some styrene carriage sides.

The laminate process begins by bonding window pillars onto the bottom half of the bodyside, chopping them to the same height and them adding the cant rail along the top.

The 1970's 'Tin Cars' are unusual in that the doors are set back so we don't bother with them at this stage but the cant rail must run the full length of the carriage body which is why I've left a long tail either side for now.

The other thing that is peculiar about 121 (and the old 117 after it was rebuilt) is that there are very few window pillars because they were fitted with the large bus-style Beclawat windows

This makes the bodysides very flimsy at this stage, and also totally unrepresentative. With the square corners they don't look anything like an FR Tin Car, but I have a way of putting that right.

In the meantime I've discovered I've made an error, so can anyone tell me what is wrong with these bodysides?


  1. Should it have a door at either end? As is they will both be at one end.

  2. Possibly a missing pillar in the last large window bay?

  3. Well done! Yes, that's excactly what it is. I forgot the drawing I was using was as-built but it had a gas cupboard inserted at the top end on the 'clock' side when it was refurbished for the push-pull set as part of the InCA programme in the late 1980s.