Monday, 15 February 2016

Whoops, Didn't Spot That

I've had another of those moments where I discovered I had not looked at the photographs of my subjects carefully enough.

Houses 17 and 18 are not just attached, it appears they overlap.

The question was how to alter mine retrospectively?

The hard way of doing it would be to cut a section out of the side of the garage on number 18 (the house on the right) so that the next door house sits 'inside' it a little.

But that would be quite an involved process, so I thought of an easier way.

I've added an extra strip of thick styrene to the side of the garage and bonded on a tiny section of slates on the top to create the same effect.

It does mean the left hand wall is a wee bit thicker than it was supposed to be but I hardly think anyone's going to notice.

And, yes, it was most definitely easier.

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