Friday, 8 December 2017

Spoiler Alert!

So it turns out our Lilla is indeed going to be finished in black.

I popped over to Himself's place at the weekend to discover that he'd grown impatient waiting for a response from me (it appears he was expecting this almost instantly) and has given it a first coat of gloss and matt black.

He's grumbling a little about the time it is taking to dry and wondering whether this is something to do with the 3D material, but this seems a little odd to me given than it was primed first.

He's also decided that we're going to do it in fully lined Penrhyn livery, which is just as well seeing how he's the one who's going to have to do it.

In my role as arbiter-in-chief of colours I helped him sort through his vast collection of part-used packs of Fox Transfers sheets to find out what he needed to order and left him to it.

This could well be a three pairs of glasses job!


  1. Did you soak the print in white spirit before priming and painting? If you did then I doubt the slow drying time is related to the print. If you didn't soak it then it may well be.

    I've found in the past that primer seems to go on okay, even if the print hasn't been well soaked, but top coats (especially enamels but also acrylics) can take an age to dry, if they ever do.

  2. I'm intrigued to see Himself has reshaped the cranks to a better shape. Any chance of getting him to explain what he did - it would scare me!

    David Gander

    1. Himself replies:
      Against all advice I removed the coupling rods and pulled the cranks off the axles. Held the cranks in a small hand vice and reprofiled them with a cutting disc in a mini drill.
      They went back on easily - too easily as they had to have a touch of 601 retaining compound to secure them nicely. Quartering done the usual way with the help of the rods and adjusting the last crank. Hope that helps.