Monday, 12 July 2021

Another Round Of Toast

Having embarked on my project to scratch build models of the FR / WHHR Hudson 'toast rack' carriages, on account of the 009 Society kits being sold out, imagine my surprise when one of them turned up in the post at Himself's place.

As luck would have it this appeared just before I began any serious work on the model of the WHHR example, which regular blog readers will know has its L-section strapping the opposite way - the correct way - round compared to the replica built for the FR by Winson Engineering in the early 1990s.

While I was away on holiday in the West Highlands last week, Himself put together the kit, which includes very neat etchings for the protective hoops on the side, which I scratch built using brass wire on my model.

In the photo you can see it posed next to my first attempt at scratch building FR carriage 39 which I did from guesswork more than 20 years ago - it wasn't such a bad effort.

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