Thursday, 25 November 2021

Funkey Colours

Himself has embarked on what could be a prolonged process of painting the new Vale of Ffestiniog.

Not only does the locomotive have quite a few colours on it but the places where they join are awkward.

For example, there is a very obvious fold line on the cab sides, but that is not where the dark green changes to the mid green.

Also, there's that long central body section full of access doors which is not conducive to a simple masking operation, either.

So instead Himself is planning to use his go-to workaround solution for situations such as these and use waterslide lining transfers to give him a target to aim at.

The reason the paint in the picture above looks so rough is that the shot was taken before the transfer was applied to mark the lower edge of the dark green upper section.

Still, it was his idea to build this second one, so.....

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