Friday, 24 June 2011

Lumps & Bumps

Down south there has been some progress with the Blanche II project.

Having tried out Archers resin transfer rivets on some 7mm ballast wagons I made for a Boston Largs Works client I suggested them to Himself as a solution to the problem of the miss-matched rivets on the Backwoods Blanche cab and the Dundas tender cab.

The results are very pleasing...

As you can see, Blanche has had her first encounter with the airbrush, and is now sporting a base coat of green.

The big brass bump on the saddle tank is the first draft for her new dome which was offered up for size before the final version goes into production.

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  1. Rob I have used the same transfers on my G-scale conversion of an LGB Frank S tender engine into a tank engine. The ability to add tens of rivets in seconds in perfect straight alignment is an additional benefit! I got the idea from you and your WHR wagons so thanks - mine's here: