Thursday, 9 June 2011

Tanks A Lot

With the latest contract carriages ready to paint I've returned to my own model of 123 to attack the snagging list. The main things missing were the various tanks attached to the underframe - vacuum reservoir tanks, fuel tanks etc - some of which were added during the recent overhaul.

Thanks to some close up ground-level shots supplied by Roger Dimmick I've been able to knock these up easily and a great deal more accurately than I would otherwise.

I've only bothered to include the big, obvious bits under there. I won't be bothering to represent the brake cylinder or the brake gear because, quite frankly, no one will ever notice it missing on the layout, and you almost never see it on the real carriages either because they sit so low to the ground.

One thing that does stick out like a sore thumb is the diesel tank filler pipe, a feature on quite a few of the FR & WHR carriages now as the railway has moved over to Eberspacher heaters.

Just some vac pipes to make up now and it can be sent off to join the queue for the paintshop down south.

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