Saturday, 11 June 2011

Service Status

Here's the first day's progress on the new WHR Service Carr 2011.

As you can see I'm employing my usual carriage building technique, described in more detail here using my own sketch detailing the window pillar positions as a guide..

The service carrs are easily told apart from the passenger saloons by the letterbox style windows which are positioned about a foot above the waistline of the carriage.

However I started off with a bodyside panel the same height as the passenger carriages (about 12mm) and then dropped some sections between the pillars to close the apertures to the right size.

It's quite time consuming but doing it this way I can use the joint line as a foolproof guide for getting the waist line bead (which is in the same position as on the saloons) level and in the right position.

As I explained in the last post, one of the bodysides is straightforward with a regular window pattern. That was the first one I tackled..

And followed it up with the 'clock side' which has the generator compartment doors, which have been filled in with some styrene panels and will eventually have strips glued on top to represent the not-very-narrow-gauge louvred doors.

I understand these were fitted to help cool the generators which have been prone to overheating in the service carrs already in traffic on the FR and the WHR but for me they succeed only it making it look like a dodgy '70's wardrobe on rails.

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