Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Service Entrance

I've got a few more bits to show you on the WHR Service Carr project.

Because the 'standard' WHR carriage design has recessed vestibules my scratchbuilt carriages are much more of a composite affair than a normal box of two sides and two ends.

After constructing the two main sides of the passenger saloon I make four doors which will be fixed on to the rear - with a 60 thou strip acting as a spacer - at each end.

It's a little hard to describe so I shall post pictures here on the blog at each stage.

Below you can see the basic outline of the four doors. The pillars are a little wider on one side, this is the overlap where it is glued to the back of the main bodyside.

Also in the picture are the first stages of the carriage ends. On these you can see quite clearly how the carriage body is narrower at each end. The very top - the curved profile - is the full width of the carriage.

Below are the two sides which are just about finished now. It's a shame I can't have 3D pictures on the blog so you'll have to take my word for it that the louvre doors look a lot more convincing on the actual model than they do in these snaps.

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