Monday, 13 June 2011

Let's Get This Straight

I've written before on this blog about the perils of modelling a real location in a contemporary time frame. In short, they keep changing things before you've finished the layout!

There's been another example of this at Beddgelert in the last week or so.

A working party has removed the rails at the end of the siding behind the old water tower base where it curves sharply - too sharply for anything other than an 0-4-0 locomotive to traverse - and runs over the old servicing pit.

The new plan is to realign the siding so that the replica water tank, when installed, can be used. As a result the pit there will be covered over to be preserved as a 'heritage item'. It has been judged that the dimensions mean it would be of little use and is, therefore, not really necessary. The area has now been fenced off.

This means our Bron Hebog layout is now something of a heritage item itself...

To try and follow suit would be quite an upheaval, and a waste of time too, because we'd always be chasing our tail.

What about when the water tank finally gets lifted into place? Himself and The Artist went to great efforts to make it look suitably manky. And the station building - proposed as part of the Phase 5 appeal - what about that?

And then there's the derelict barn in the middle of the S curve which is being renovated right now. I could go on, but I won't. I suspect you've got the idea by now.

No, most sensible thing is to lock our layout into 2009 - 2010 condition. And anyway, it will give all those smart-arses who turn up at exhibitions something to point to and smugly inform us 'you've got that bit wrong!'

Aren't the public wonderful?

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