Sunday, 19 June 2011

Publish And Be Domed!

Our Blanche II project has hit a snag - a big, shiny, brassy snag.

Having posted pictures of the cross-breed 'Back-Side' Blanche on the blog a number of readers got in touch to tell us they thought the dome was too small.

We have to confess we'd never noticed, but when we looked at it again it was quite clear they were right!

Placing Blanche II's cast brass dome next to the painted whitemetal dome on Blanche I shows that it is smaller by quite a margin.

Having neither a lathe nor any experience of turning domes we were a little stuck about what to do?

The obvious course was to use another Dundas whitemetal dome on Blanche II, but a brass paint effect, as we used 20 years ago on Blanche I, is not very satisfactory.

Fortunately some fellow modellers have kindly come to our rescue with offers to turn up some brass domes for both Blanche and Linda.

I shall keep you posted with progress.

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