Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Hairy Moments

Himself has been cracking on with the scenery around Goat Tunnel and things a have been getting pretty hairy!

The hairiness in this case is dyed carpet underlay which we use to represent long, straggly wild grasses, a technique we previously employed on Dduallt.

In the first shot above, of Goat Tunnel Cutting, you're seeing the underlay as it is first applied in a thick layer. When the top layers are pulled off and it is teased out it looks much subtler, as here below..

Here you can also see how other flocks and tiny pieces of stone have been scattered on top of complete the effect.

Of course, what you're looking at in these pictures is but one tiny corner of Bron Hebog, so Himself will have many more hours of teasing and sticking the underlay to cover the many scale acres of layout.

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