Monday, 12 December 2011

Final Resting Place

Himself has sent me some pictures of the Bridge To Nowhere installed in its position on the layout.

The embankments have been made up with Mod Roc and the next job will be to paint and weather the plaster cast walls which are a Ten Commandments product, by the way.

These pictures again show off the quite superb painting job from the Artistic Director which really emphasises the first class work with embossed plasticard and styrene on the bridge by Himself.

Overall a great team effort!

The Bridge To Nowhere is going to be a very eye catching feature of the front left corner of Bron Hebog.

I think it's going to look even better to the naked eye than in these photographs and those of you within easy travelling distance of the south east of England will be able to see for yourselves when the (incomplete) layout is shown at exhibitions in Hampshire and Buckinghamshire in April and May.

See the Exhibition Diary page for details.

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