Saturday, 31 December 2011

Blwyddwyn Newydd Dda / Happy New Year

Best wishes for 2012 to all our readers around the world. (I know it's still Hogmanay here in GMT-land as I post this, but some of you will have already had 'the bells' by now.)

2012 is going to be an exciting year for Bron Hebog. We'll be taking the layout out twice in April and May to shows in Hampshire and Buckinghamshire.

Between now and then Himself, the Artistic Director and The Guru will be putting in a lot of hard work on the scenery. The layout will most certainly not be complete - far from it - but we hope you'll be impressed by what we do have to show you.

Up here at the Scottish end of the operation my modelling resolutions are to keep pace with the Boston Lodge carriage works and get models of the new Super Barns 121 and 108 made this year.

I would also like to make a start on a model of the prototype Parry People Mover, which I flagged up on the blog last year. I have a Kato tram chassis ready in the drawer so I've no excuse, other than lack of time and space on the modelling bench, for not getting it done.

I anticipate Himself will also be finishing off Linda in the next few months.

And there's one final aspiration, for this blog to break through the 100k barrier. Please help us along by liking Bron Hebog on Facebook or following us on Twitter.

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  1. Happy New Year, Rob! Don't worry, the state Isle Ornsay will be in will make Bron Hebog look MUCH more complete!!