Thursday, 29 December 2011

MOTW - 'Bodysgallen'

The Model of the Week this time is the 4mm version of a carriage I'm currently building in 7mm for a client - WHR Pullman 'Bodysgallen'.

At the time I made this carriage, at least ten years ago or possibly more, I considered it the most challenging model I'd yet built.

Some of the trickiest bits were the oval windows, which I described making for the larger model a few days ago.

This model of 'Bodysgallen' is in the condition in which the carriage was delivered to the WHR, complete with the table lamps which didn't hang around for long. Our solution for modelling these was to break open and steal the cast lamps from a OO Hornby model of a Pullman coach which was lying about in a box at home. They were a perfect fit.

Other details intended for a 4mm standard gauge carriage are the transfers which are from the Fox Transfers range. They're perhaps a tiny, weeny bit oversize, but they do the job and look very effective.

My one regret with this carriage is that I built it with the corridor connections in the closed position at both ends, because that's how it was running on the railway when I researched the model. It's been on my mind for a while now to make some bits which I can graft onto at least one end of the carriage to look more like the corridor is open and in use.

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