Tuesday, 27 December 2011


The bodysides for 'Bodysgallen' are almost finished.

The challenge on this carriage is creating the round corners of the panels. I've done it the same way on this 7mm model as I did on my 4mm version which runs on Bron Hebog.

I curl a small length of styrene strip and then feed it into the corner gluing it along the straight edges on either side. When all the corners are done I fix some more runs of straight strip in between to complete the panel effect.

Model filler is deployed to deal with the gaps that remain in the corners.

I've also used more strip to finish off the windows, starting with the long horizontal bar and then cutting some small pieces to very fine tolerances to fix in place for the vertical divisions.

The next stage is to complete the four door sub-assemblies and the two ends and join them all together into carriage shape.

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