Tuesday, 6 December 2011


So, I've begun work on the 7mm model of Pullman carr 'Bodysgallen'. And because I'm running rather short on stock of 30" styrene right now - and the bodysides need rather a lot of it - I've decided to start off with the doors.

This carriage was designed to look like a mini-version of the famous Brighton Belle Pullman parlour carrs on the Southern Railway and has doors dominated by those very distinctive elongated oval windows.

So how am I going to make those? Well, I'm doing exactly the same as I did on the 4mm scale version I made a number of years back.

It relies on the same technique of curving a styrene strip that I have demonstrated before to make round-framed windows.

From left to right here you can see how I start by making a rectangular frame, then glue some triangular pieces into the corners. Then I curl in the strip which is 40 thou thick so it stands a little proud.

The next step is to fill the gaps with Milliput and they'll be ready for the second layer of detail such as the framing around the door.

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