Monday, 7 May 2012

NGG16 Superpower

A few more snaps from our day out with Bron Hebog in Sussex a couple of weeks ago.

(You will tell me if you're getting bored with these now, won't you?)

Towards the end of the day we coupled up our two Backwoods Miniatures NGG16 Garratts and had a double-headed run around the layout..

One day in the future this corner of the layout will be festooned with trees but for the moment it's all very open and moor-like.

A few views now of them in the platform loop...

And at the other end of the layout - the Porthmadog end - emerging from Goat Tunnel.

I really like this shot.  To me it sums up what Bron Hebog is all about.


  1. Lovely. I'd like to see this in real life too !

  2. Keep 'em coming especially the low-level pics.

  3. I hate to be picky, but last time I checked Sparsholt was in Hampshire! But no, not bored yet...

  4. I think perhaps I meant Wessex rather than Sussex, Michael. Oops!