Friday, 4 May 2012


This week I received some wonderful new transfers. They are the best 009 decals I've ever come across and it wouldn't be fair to me to keep them a secret.

This came about because for a few years now Himself and I have been mildly irritated at not being able to finish off our models of the latest 'Barn' observation carriages 100 and 102.

The problem has been how to replicate the unique 'Ffestiniog First' monogram / lettering which is displayed along the sides. You can see it in this picture of 100 taken inside Boston Lodge Works below...

Our first effort was to try a DIY transfer having read about how some people were getting good results from their home photo printers.

We took a close up picture of the logo, and although I could make a reasonable stab at doctoring the image on the home PC and reduce it to the right size, the printer could never capture that gold lustre and when placed on the deep maroon on the model they appeared rather brown.

However, a couple of months ago one of the CHMRC clan (Simon aka 'Sparky') told me to try an outfit called Precision Decals. 'Just Google them', he said. So I did.

I sent them an even better close up of the logo, and measurements, both kindly provided by Roger Dimmick of the FR, and a week later a sheet of beautiful transfers was posted to me.

In an unexpected, and very welcome bonus, the owner told me he also had the artwork lying about for the standard FR crest which he had spent hours labouring over a number of years ago following a request from a client who messed him about royally and then demanded a refund!

'It seems a shame to waste all that effort', he said. 'Would you like some of those too?'

As you can imagine, I took him up on that straight away, and I have to say the results are superb. (There is also a black and gold version in the picture above).

I have never seen such a delicate rendering of the FR crest in 4mm scale, they are quite exquisite. Precision Decals will most certainly be getting repeat business from us and I cannot praise the service I have received highly enough.

To save you the Googling I have also placed a link to Precision Decals website in the Modelling Links section on the right hand side of the screen.

I will post some pictures of the transfers on the carriages when Himself has had a chance to apply them.

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  1. I've used John exclusively for all my custom transfers - 100% customer satisfaction. He's quick to respond, and the results speak for themselves - wonderful. These 4mm examples look exquisite Rob, I can see why you're so pleased with them :)