Monday, 21 May 2012

Big And Small

We've received another batch of FR crests from Precision Decals, this time in the smaller, or you might say standard, size.

Nothing is simple these days with the FR carriage fleet.

Once upon a time all the locos and carriages wore the same size garter crest stickers, but when they started rebuilding the Observation Carrs. a few years ago a larger version of our Prince of Wales-feathered friend turned up.

You can spot the difference in this picture of 'recycled' top end Obs 123 (formerly 101 of 1970-vintage). It has the bigger crest on the end but the smaller one on the side.

We've been supplied with 99 of these smaller crests - at a truly astonishingly competitive price - and so Himself is considering going back through the fleet replacing the existing dry rub transfers with these superior waterslide ones.

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  1. Glenn Williams22 May 2012 at 17:16

    The first larger FR badge was put on to 15 in 2001 but it is different from the later ones in that the ribon curves down either side. The next carriage to have the larger badge was 18 then 102 100 19 and 123.