Friday, 11 May 2012

Buffets From Before

A few weeks ago a blog reader asked what buffet carr 103 used to look like before it was rebuilt, and I promised that I would dig out the model I made of it in something approaching original condition.

This model depicts the carriage as running in 1988, just a year or so before it was given a new look with flush sides and larger, rounded windows.

The picture above is of the side that faced the platform at Porthmadog Harbour Station (the clock side in Boston Lodge parlance)  and below is the seaward (or engine) side.

This model has been in store for at least 10 years now, if not more, since I made my model of the rebuilt version, which you can read about in the Model Of The Week archive.

Another redundant refreshment vehicle is this model of 14, the ex-Lynton and Barnstaple carriage which was rescued and rebuilt on the FR as a buffet carr.

This is the engine side...

It has since been rebuilt to look a lot more like an L&B carriage, complete with full length footboards and duckets, but this model shows it once again as it ran in 1988, complete with nasty bus-type seating.

And this the clock side.

In the Model Of The Week Archive you can also read about our model of the rebuilt 14.


  1. Some really interesting stuff here, as I have found it quite hard to find pictures of the buffets in this condition. I'm sure we would like to see any more archived models you may have.

    Do you know when the real coach 14 was rebuilt to how it is now?

  2. The FR stock book says the rebuild was in 1997, Max, but that may be the date it re-entered traffic, I recall the work started a while before that.