Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Blanche From The Past

We had a few carriages left over when the stock was put out on the layout for the first day of Railex. Specifically a trio of the original Winson carriages, 2020, 2090 and 2041.

(The operation was being supervised by a current FR trainee controller who insisted upon setting out the carriage rakes in the current formations!)

Come Sunday I thought this a bit of a waste of good rolling stock so we put them on the track and hooked them up to Blanche which was very reminiscent of the days when this 'Lady' was based on the WHR for running off-peak services between Caernarfon and Dinas in the late 1990's.

The period scene is completed with a glimpse of the Parry People Mover in the siding in the background.

Please do get in touch via the comments section if you'd like to send us any pictures or videos you took of Bron Hebog at Railex at the weekend.


  1. Photo of the Parry People Mover on my blog:


  2. I saw it the other day, Phil, a very nice picture indeed. Much better than the efforts I can manage with my apology for a digital camera.

  3. Here's my video of Bron Hebog at Railex: