Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Naked Lady

Now there's a title to light up the search engine results!

Well sorry to disappoint any new visitors but there's nothing more erotic to see here than an un-painted Penrhyn engine. (I suppose a few people might find that a turn on?)

Our Backwoods Miniatures kit of Linda made an appearance on Bron Hebog at Sparsholt. Here she is on a running-in turn with Merddin Emrys..

If you click on the pictures to magnify them you'll get a better view of the 'Roman helmet' dome that was turned for us by Chris Veitch.

This is the big give away for the period in which our Linda is being modelled. There was a very short window in the mid-90's when she ran in the midnight blue livery with her original chimney back. Prior to that she was running about with a dreadful Lempor conical contraption.

In this picture below, where she is doubling up with older sister, Blanche, you can see the adaptions Himself has made to the tender for the oil and additional water tanks.

Himself has made noises about getting on the the paint job after an orgy of scenic work on the layout over the winter (apologies for yet another sex pun!) so Linda may be looking a little bit more colourful when we take Bron Hebog to Railex at the end of next month.

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