Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Black & White Railcar Show

I've been cracking on with painting the Parry People Mover.

The combination of black and white couldn't be worse for doing the job by hand.

A particularly tricky bit its the bumper (for want of a better description) around the bottom of the body. It is a challenge to get a nice clean division between the two colours and requires a very steady hand and a top of the range brush: one false move, particularly when applying the black, and you have a big splodge on those big virgin white panels.

The camera is very cruel halfway through a paint job like this but I'm confident it'll look quite respectable by the end of the process.

The pillar box red underframe, the thick blue lining around the middle, the giant red sticker and the bling headlamps will distract the eye quite effectively on the finished model.

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