Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Up On The Roof

This is always the bit of a structure model that I find the trickiest. Strange, really, because roofs are such simple things in essence.

In fairness I suppose these houses are a little more complicated.

The house is still in two sections but there are only three bits of roof. That's because the back is all on the same plane while the front sections have one placed higher than the other.

Hopefully these pictures will explain better than my words what's going on.

You can also see another dormer window has appeared at the back of the house, above what I assume to be the kitchen?

Despite studying pictures of these houses for weeks now and assembling this model I still have very little idea about the internal layout - which room is which, and where the staircase goes?

The dormer window here was made up as a separate, triangular assembly and glued into place on the roof.

You've probably noticed the absence of slates. I shall be coming onto that matter soon....

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