Sunday, 14 April 2013

Stoned Again

Sometimes it's best just to get the boring bits of a model build out of the way so you can move onto something more fun.

So I decided there was no point putting off scribing the stonework on the front wall of the Oberon Wood house and picked up my pointy stick and got on with it.

I was asked the other day what I used for scribing styrene. I'm not sure I quite described it properly so a picture is probably much more effective.

I use it in the opposite orientation to how you see it here, with the sort of spoon bit facing downwards.

Scribing stonework is the sort of job you need to tackle in sort bursts. After 10 minutes or so your fingers start to tire and the lines begin to swim in front of your eyes.

Fortunately this piece is quite small so I was able to get it done in about an hour.

Here it is fixed in place on the model.

I know it doesn't look much right now but you wait until the Artistic Director has got his hands on it....

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