Saturday, 6 April 2013

Van Body

With three of the sides now made the WHR Tool Van is starting to come together and look the part.

Although most of the van body is now complete there's still lots of stuff to add to the wagon.

The Tool Van had all sorts of stuff hung on the side from what I can see in pictures of it in use.

On one side where two giant black boards with white crosses on them, for use during track occupations, and on the other side a big frame which looks something like the contraptions you see on the side of glaziers vehicles on the road.

I have no idea what its purpose was on this wagon but there's probably someone who's about to tell me.

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  1. The boards have white crosses on a black background on one side and the other side is yellow. It's called a 'Yellow board' or 'P4 protection', which protects workers on the track (P4 is the rule about using them). The yellow side means you are entering their work site and the black cross means you are leaving it.
    All of that is just an educated guess, the FR uses identical boards but smaller, so there's a good chance that that is what they are for.
    No idea what the frame is used for.