Monday, 8 April 2013

Three Of A Kind

As part of my tour of inspection at home I also got to see how Himself has got on completing the three DZ wagons I built for the Bron Hebog fleet.

I'm much happier with the Franklin Heavy font transfers which look a lot more like the stencil type used in South African than the ones we had before as discussed in a previous post.

The wagon nearest the camera is what you might call a standard WHR DZ wagon - it is the only one of the three built as per the kit with U channel stantions.

The middle one is what I shall call the Boston Lodge Improved DZ. It has replacement, removable, ends and the stantions between the doors on the sides are made of T section.

The third wagon, on the right, has lost its ends somewhere along the way and its vacumm pipes have been extended upwards and moved into the corners of the wagon to leave the way clear for overhanging cargo.  It has been put to use carrying many unusual loads over the years.

At the moment they are a bit pristine and shiny but Himself will soon set to work with his airbrush to weather them.

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