Monday, 22 April 2013

Laying The Foundations

Last week was one of those weeks where lots of little jobs got done on the house model.

If you've not been watching carefully then you might think that there's been little progress but the walls of the building are now pretty much complete and slating the roof is the only major job left.

The latest change is adding on the brickwork along the bottom of some of the walls.

We've had to do the best we can from the photos we have. There appear to be a few courses visible on most aspects of the house although in a couple of places the render does look to come all the way to the bottom.

Those who suspected that I might be mad enough to add them brick by brick or score them on may be disappointed to learn that I've used bog-standard embossed styrene for this.

Now I shall have to brace myself to tackle the slates.

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