Tuesday, 30 April 2013

B-ginnings Of Our Fleet

I recently presented Himself with half a dozen of my B Wagon kits to turn into a rake for Bron Hebog depicting the latest arrivals from South Africa.

This is the first one he's tackled which is awaiting lettering and weathering.

Fortunately nothing gets past Himself because it turns out that SAR operated to the same standards of standardisation as the FR / WHR, and it appears that you can't take it for granted that six supposedly identical wagons are, in fact, identical.

This wagon is going to be a model of B1621 which has a number of detailed differences to the wagon I based the kit on.

The most obvious difference is perhaps the diagonal handrail at the right hand end which is positioned the opposite way around to all the other B wagons.

The V hanger on the brake gear is also located slightly differently on this wagon - the right hand leg sits astride the right hand door hinge rather than being place up against it.

Himself has also added vacuum pipes and footsteps (which are also slightly at variance with other B wagons)and given it a coat of red oxide primer and picked out the brake wheels in yellow.

Only another five to go, then.....

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