Thursday, 2 May 2013

Humble Pie

I've had my comeuppance for extolling the virtues of my homemade roofing slates here on the blog.

Himself logged on and had a look at the pictures and sent me a message saying: "Very nice, but aren't they a bit on the large side?"

I grabbed my research pictures of the house in question and started counting slates.

Dammit, he was right! (He usually is...)

The prospect of ripping off and relaying all the slates - only even more of them - didn't immediately appeal.

So out of curiosity I delved in my drawer and pulled out the remains of some sheets of Wills 4mm roofing slates I had left over. (I erroneously wrote last week that these were made by Slaters) and they were indeed much smaller than my paper ones and a much better match, in terms of the number of slates on each section of the roof.

You can compare below.

Fortunately I had just the right amount of sheet, in the right sizes, to cut some replacement roof sections.

So, a week on, the house is back where it was.

Oh well, some you win....

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