Monday, 6 May 2013

Going Round In Circles

I'm preparing another pair of demo wagon kits.

These ones are destined to spend their lives running around a display track in the FR's shop in Porthmadog in the hope of enticing customers to invest in some of examples of my Boston Largs Works kits which they will find on sale within this beguiling emporium.

For those who are unable to get to Wales they are also available through the webshop

As you can see here John is getting an example of a 'standard' WHR DZ wagon and one of the 2nd generation B Wagons, although extra parts to model the high end SAR version of the DZ and a bike wagon conversion for the B are available on request.

Hopefully they can soon be joined by an example of the forthcoming ballast wagon.  Production of this kit will commence when I receive etches for the door mechanism and the hand wheels which are being prepared for me elsewhere.

Not too long to wait now, I hope.

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