Saturday, 4 May 2013

Steps, Rails & All The Gear

I've been cracking on with the WHR Tool Van this week and it's almost there.

Although the progress doesn't look spectacular there are a lot of details that have been added that all contribute greatly to the look of the complete model.

The handrail on the end which I mentioned in the last post has been fixed in position now.

The usual SAR brake gear has been glued and assembled. Because it's essentially a flat DZ wagon it's just a case of fitting on the etched components designed for my resin kits, most obviously the V hangers and the hand wheels at each end.

I have also knocked up a pair of footsteps from brass strip which are positioned at the platform end of the wagon.

Being cheap - or what I prefer to see as sensible recycling - I did not go to the expense of buying in a pack of brass strip for this purpose, I just snipped a section of thin waste fret from a large A4 sheet that came from Narrow Planet to hold together 30 sets of bogie parts.

It needed to be thinned a little further with a file but it's much better for the soul that paying for a whole pack when you only require a 50mm length...

You might also be able to spot the remains a couple of the hinges that used to support the doors in the long-distant days when this was a proper DZ wagon.

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