Friday, 24 May 2013

Spot The Difference

My pair of houses are almost at the same stage now. The latest one is on the left in this shot.

Like every good item of FR rolling stock the two are broadly similar but most certainly not identical, as you can see.

Progress on this model since the last update has included the dormer window at the front, the laboriously-scratched stone wall below it and the cutting to fit of two of the sheets of slate roofing.

Here's a close up of some of the details of the very complex layout of the front of the building.

At the rear you can see how the foundation level brick courses have been bonded on. Note also the right hand door which is another of the variations on this house.

The main bit left to be done is the roof at the back. I do not have a sheet large enough and I am waiting on a fresh pack to arrive in the post.

However, as you can seen, the dorm and the chimney have been made up ready to be fitted on.

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