Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tank Command

Himself needs some spare parts to complete the latest rake of B wagons to represent the six which arrived this year from South Africa.

As noted in a previous post the positions of the vacuum reservoir tanks and the brake cylinders have been altered on some of them.

As these parts are cast as part of a one piece floor unit on the kits the plan is to hack them off and replace them with new ones.

Fortunately its quite simple for me to produce these by part filling the moulds - I just have to cut a small section of perspex to fit over the top.

You can see how they emerge with just a very thin film connecting them so they can be easily be cut out and should be a very straightforward replacement for the originals.

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  1. just for you info the coupling are longer than the other wagons. They , the headstock and plate around the headstock , the vac pipes are all now black no longer red oxide