Thursday, 16 May 2013

Window Shopping

My spy spotted this in the shop window at Porthmadog Harbour Station last week.

I have been building up a pair of B & DZ wagons to join John's display but it seems I have been beaten to it.

I understand this B wagon belongs to an FR volunteer who, I guess, must have purchased the kit from the shop and has, according to Himself, done a very neat job putting it together.

It's gratifying to also see one my DZ wagon kits on show in its packaging too.

The four wheel wagons you see in the picture are examples of Peco's new OO9 ready to run range and the little loco is one of Chris Ward's 3D printed models of the Boston Lodge shunter Moel y Gest - or Castell Arrghh as it is also known to some on the railway.

I hope very soon they will be joined by my fully finished SAR wagons.

Kits are available off the shelf and online from

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  1. Hi Hope you like it, Kit dropped together just like it said , Not added hadrails and couplings like yours - this was just to show what is in the pack hope it helps. I did not know you were doing display models when I made it. Hopefully I can upgrade when yours displayed